Live and Work in Sweden : The one book you need to succeed at living and working in Sweden
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Live and Work in Sweden : The one book you need to succeed at living and working in Sweden

By Donald Baldwin
Living & working in other countries: practical advice, Law, citizenship & rights for the lay person, Immigration law, Administrative law, general, Popular economics, Entrepreneurship, Comparative law, Law as it applies to other professions & disciplines, Legal systems: general, Private or civil law: general, Company, commercial & competition law: general, Constitutional & administrative law: general, Economic administrative law & public commercial law, Financial law: general, Interest age: from c 14 years
479 pages • English • 2016

About the book

Live and Work in Sweden can best be described as a pragmatic and easy to read social and legal guide to Swedish society and is designed to cover aspects of Sweden that other books leave out - notably information on the rules and regulations that play an important aspect in everyday Swedish life. If you are striving to succeed in the Swedish business world as an entrepreneur, manager or employee, you don’t have time to research all of the disparate government websites and identify which government agencies and regulations apply to you and your company. Nor do you want to worry about translations and how up-to-date the information you are reading is. Activities involving setting up residence, supporting a family, running a business and managing people in Sweden represent a paradigm shift for the typical expat and this book is designed with you in mind. If you are an expat looking for a guide that introduces and explains Swedish society from a practical and legal perspective, this book is written for you: * A dedicated website to help you stay up to date with the latest news and changes: * Over 220 references with website resource and reference links managed by the accompanying website to ensure that you can access the linked resources * Case studies on important aspects of Swedish law The book is divided into sections covering: * Overview of Swedish Culture * Relocation and Business Immigration to Sweden * Types of Business Entities in Sweden * How to Establish a Business in Sweden * Swedish Contract and Intellectual Property Law * Swedish Labor Law * Types of Employment in Sweden * Posted Workers in Sweden * Consultants Working in Sweden * Personal and Business Taxation in Sweden * Accounting Compliance in Sweden * How to Close a Business Down in Sweden Living and Working in Sweden is the first comprehensive book written in English that covers all of the core regulatory issues that you need to be aware to run a business in Sweden. The book is written from an expat perspective to cover important differences in how Swedes regulate and conduct business compared to other countries and cultures. If you are looking for a single authoritative source – this book is for you.



Donald Baldwin


Live and Work in Sweden : The one book you need to succeed at living and working in Sweden
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